Everything you do impacts on your brand identity

The big question is: what do your customers want from you? What image and perceptions should your brand present? It matters.

In cleverly subtle and consistently engaging ways, your brand must earn their trust. Without trust, you’re swimming in very shallow waters. Trust puts value in your brand and that is exactly what customers crave - reliable products and services from brands they know and trust.

Everything you ever do feeds into your brand. From the back office to customer facing activities, from handling enquiries to dealing with customer complaints and from presentation to delivery - when it’s done properly it all adds value to your brand.

You can only sell a bad product or service once

But when you load your brand with all the right values - and consistently maintain its integrity - customers will buy from again and again.

Many companies seem to forget that their very best customers are those they already have. It’s also a lot less costly to sell to established customers than it is to constantly chase new ones. Roughly ten times cheaper.

That’s the power of brand and it’s that power that Solidbubble can bring to your marketing muscle.

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